Income Maintenance

The Income Maintenance Division establishes initial and ongoing eligibility for:

  • Ohio Works First Assistance (OWF)
  • Medicaid Emergency Assistance (EA)
  • Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program (PRC)
  • Disability Assistance (DA)
  • Food Stamps (FS)

Ohio Works First (OWF) assists children deprived of parental support due to absence, illness, or unemployment.

Food Stamps (FS) help low-income families maintain an adequate diet for good health and nutrition. Medicaid provides health care coverage for low-income individuals under a variety of categories.

Disability Assistance (DA) helps individuals not eligible for state or federal programs.

Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) program allows for time limited payments to families containing at least one minor child. PRC payments are intended to maintain self-sufficiency and divert families from long-term public assistance. Such things as car repairs, emergency shelter payments, uniforms, and other job-related needs are approved to assist the family.