Business Office

This important division of the Jefferson County Department of Job and Services is responsible for those facilitating services which enable the Income Maintenance, Social Services, and Child Support divisions to successfully function.

Financial support of this department is a shared expense paid by these three divisions. The division is, also, responsible for the State Client Registry Information System-Enhanced computer system (CRIS-E) in areas of security, structure and clearance.


All agency procurement is handled by the Administrative Assistant. This includes the purchasing of major equipment though the State of Ohio Purchasing Program , as well as equipment service and maintenance agreements.

Procurement of all goods and services are handled in accordance with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services purchasing regulations and the Agency’s approved Procurement Plan.


This department is responsible for all fiscal expenditures in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Other responsibilities include:

  • State reporting of expenditures, which is necessary to receive funding.
  • Receipt review and tracking of all fiscal expenditures.

Random Moment Sampling:

The Business Office staff is responsible for collating, distributing, collecting, checking, and entering 4,000+ employee Random Moment Sample Observations Forms into a state data base. This information is used for fiscal discernment.

Office Services:

These supportive services include:

  • Reception
  • Switchboard Operation
  • Mail Processing
  • Record Retention Schedules
  • Record Storage
  • General Office Supply Storage and Distribution
  • Inter-Office Mail Pickup
  • Computerized Inventory Control
  • Forms Reproduction

The reception/switchboard receives and makes approximately 2,000 calls per day and receives and directs approximately 350 clients each day. There are approximately 550 pieces of outgoing mail processed each day.

Case File Bank:

This department is responsible for maintaining active and closed case records for Public Assistance and Child Support recipients in a secured, library-type setting. All case records are tracked through a computerized process. Several hundred records are procured and filed each day by Case File Bank personnel. The department also disburses emergency food coupons and is responsible for Food Stamp Coupon reporting.

Security and Safety:

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for Agency security and safety. A quarterly Agency safety inspection is conducted to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Detailed departmental reports are kept on file. A metal detector for the safety and well being of all the residents we service and the staff is manned via a contract with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to supply qualified staff to man the metal detector during our hours of operation.

Medical Inquiry:

This department receives approximately 20 to 50 telephone calls each day from medical providers requesting assistance with medical claims processing, health care dates, and third party coverage. Written inquiries are also received each day from medical providers requesting assistance with rejected medical claims, corrected health care dates, recipient numbers, etc.

After carefully researching each inquiry, written responses are returned to medical providers with copies to clients and caseworkers. Access to the State Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) enables the medical staff to readily check on changes in recipient health care status. Basic Medicals are tracked in the Medical Department in coordination with Social Services Case Management and the Income Maintenance Unit.


This department is responsible for building maintenance, agency deliveries, janitorial duties and grounds keeping.