Choose Your Partner Carefully

Our mission is to protect children who are in danger of harm and unable to protect themselves.


When you choose a partner for yourself, you are choosing for your child too. Your baby is counting on you to make the right decision. Never leave your child with someone you don't trust with your child's life.

Far too often, a child is abused or even killed when left in the care of a parent's partner.

In Ohio, data shows that of those children who were killed, the biological parent was responsible in 61% of the reviews. The mother's partner was cited in 28% of the reviews.

(Ohio Department of Health; Child Fatality Eighth Annual Report, September, 2008)

According to data from the Ohio Child Fatality Ninth Annual Review, which was submitted by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Children's Trust Fund, 30% of child abuse and neglect deaths involved a parent's partner as the alleged perpetrator.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your partner have a criminal history?
  • How has he or she treated their past partners?
  • How does he or she treat other children?
  • How does he or she treat animals?
  • Does your partner:
    • Show anger or impatience when your child cries or has tantrums?
    • Call your child bad names or put him down?
    • Think it is funny to scare your child?
    • Stop you from bringing your child to family events?
    • Make all the decisions for you and your child?
    • Tell you that you are a bad parent or that you should not have your kids?
    • Pretend that when he hurts your child that you are to blame or that it is no big deal?
    • Make your child scared by using guns or knives or other weapons?
    • Tell you that your child is a nuisance?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, your child might be at risk!

When signs of risk are identified:

  • Get you and your child(ren) to a safe place
  • Contact the Jefferson County Department of Job and Family Services
  • Or contact your local domestic violence shelter
  • If you cannot get to a safe place, contact one of the local agencies for immediate help

Resources to call:


  • 1-888-611-SAFE(7233)
  • 1-740-283-3444

Family and Children First Council

  • 1-740-283-8557 ext. 2327

Jefferson County Department of Job and Family Services

  • 1-800-353-2716
  • 1-740-282-0961

The Help Line

  • 1-740-264-1627

Trinity Health System

  • 1-800-522-8255
  • 1-740-264-8318